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Microsoft Buys Danger, Maker of Hiptop!

It's surprising in some ways, but it makes good sense in others - Microsoft has purchased Danger, Inc, the maker of the Hiptop platform which I've written much about.

Seems like Danger has some piece of the picture that Microsoft wants to paint for their mobile efforts. Could it be the Hiptop user interface? Could it be the client-server part? Could it be the human expertise in running a managed platform like the Hiptop platform?

Let's recap the basics of Hiptop:

  • Only some data is held on the device. Data is stored on servers at Danger, Inc.
  • Web pages are resized by Danger's servers to help operate their web browser.
  • Third party apps are hard to come by, because of a tightly-managed software ecosystem, but the apps are all J2ME apps.
  • The OS on the device is Java-based.
  • The Hiptop is known for its killer form factor, QWERT keyboard and flip-out screen.

Could Microsoft be seeking to leverage this line of thinking into a Zune phone or some kind of Xbox mobile device?

With few details in any of the coverage out there, it looks like there are more questions than answers. This one is worth keeping an eye on with Windows Mobile as an established player, with iPhone being so buzz-laden, and with Google's Android platform making waves.

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