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Apple Updates iPhone Line with 16 GB Model

Today I see that Apple is giving a storage bump to the iPhone product line. The iPhone will now be coming in 8- and 16 GB flavors.  With the formal release of the iPhone SDK and some way of getting third party apps onto the phone, it's looking very promising. Several guys in the office have them, and I am quite impressed with what I'm seeing of the stock iPhone models already; this storage bump only sweetens the deal more.

I'm still not sure if it's really going to be the phone for me when my existing contract is up in a few months, but I have plenty of time to observe and make the decision.  I note that the iPhone setup is similar in philosophy to the Sidekick, which I liked very much and even miss today (having converted to a low-end Blackberry), though the iPhone is much more powerful.

I'd like to add more to these observations but I must get my sleep.

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