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Getting Firefox to Recognize Your GoDaddy SSL Certificate

From searching the web for a solution to the issue of Firefox displaying a scary warning message when visiting one of my sites that uses an inexpensive GoDaddy SSL Cert, I can see that the solution is out there but I want to make sure it's in at least one more place! Hopefully this post can save someone the searching time I spent.

Firefox needs to see an Intermediate Certificate. To get this Cert, visit the GoDaddy certificate repository.  In my case, the problem was with IIS, so I downloaded the very last file listed, right before the  CRLs: "Go Daddy PKCS7 Certificate Intermediates Bundle (for Windows IIS)

Once I got that file on my web server, I opened MMC, which in my case has the Certificates Snap-In already loaded. Add it if you don't - make sure it's set up for the Computer Account. Drill down on the Certificates, go to the Intermediate Certificates, right click, and do an import on that file I reference above.

The scary message should not appear after you have installed the Certificate Intermediates Bundle.


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