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Learning Ruby: Ruby Cheat Sheets

It's been a little while since the last update on those tutorials. What happened? Well, the tutorials were so quick to complete that I didn't have any trouble, and therefore nothing to "write home" about. Now that I have some surface knowledge, I am working through the Pickaxe to get a handle on the Ruby language itself, and I am going to begin writing Ruby for some simple tasks so I can internalize this whole thing. I intend to do the same with PHP as well, but not right now.

But getting back to the intended subject of this update, I want to point you to a great resource. I had been searching for some Ruby cheat sheets in order to have an at-a-glance reference for syntax while I go about writing my simple scripts. I came across this site, which has a variety of useful cheat sheets. Needless to say, many of them are now on my hard drive waiting to be printed on nice A4 paper and I am composing this post to toss the author a link. Good work!

I might make my own cheat sheets in the future which will appeal to my sense of organization, but these are an excellent start for anyone.

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