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Learning Ruby on Rails

Quick note: I'll be journaling my learning process in Ruby and RoR off and on via this blog, with the possibility of moving it elsewhere when I get a chance.

With my mixed OS environment I wasn't sure where to begin development, so I looked at my options and saw how InstantRails was, well, instantly available after dropping it into any directory (with no spaces in the path). So I'm beginning on Windows 2000. InstantRails is cool, it's kind of like using XAMPP for PHP development. In fact, InstantRails includes all the ingredients, even PHP!

Okay.... InstantRails works as promised, at least on my system. Unzip and run!

To begin learning, I am jumping in to this tutorial. I'm linking page two because that's where the meat begins: http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2006/12/14/revisiting-ruby-on-rails-revisited.html?page=2

InstantRails 1.4 includes a completed version of the Cookbook app built in this tutorial and it looks like a decent starting point.

After the onlamp.com tutorial, I plan on moving into the "Four Days on Rails" tutorial by John McCreesh.

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