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Learning Rails: First Glitch

Okay, I'm at the point where we've generated our scaffolding, and I start Mongrel (the lightweight HTTP server, perfect for dev use). Mongrel starts up, binds to localhost:3000. I try to hit the URL http://localhost:3000/category, and get this:

no route found to match "/category" with {:method=>:get}

Yikes! I'm only on the beginning page, and I have some kind of error. Worse, I'm just starting out. But this is an excellent learning opportunity and brings to mind why we call an experienced person "seasoned" (do some research on cast iron cookware).

Looks like the scaffolding for the category table didn't get created....probably a problem with the connection between my chair and my keyboard, so I make sure that I run "ruby script\generate scaffold category category" once more.

Now I restart Mongrel, and I have a working app! Impressive. The tutorial can go on.

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