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LEarning Rails: Moving along to Migrations

I've wrapped up the first part of "Cookin with Ruby on Rails". It really seems like this is a pretty good framework for rapid, iterative development. But as a web developer experienced in other tools like ASP and JSP, I need to know a lot more about this before I am comfortable with the idea of doing actual work. The next part of the tutorial, dealing with Migrations and Unit Tests, looks like it's going to help me go in that direction.

Tutorial link: http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/ruby/2007/05/17/cookin-with-ruby-on-rails---may.html

Per the tutorial, Migrations will allow me to develop code against a database without worrying what database I'm using. Dealing with the database entirely through Ruby. Should be interesting!

The narrative style of these tutorials may be slowing me down, because I am not accustomed to working and learning in this way, but I feel that right now it's good to be out of my comfort zone and let my brain be stretched a bit. If I am slowed down too much, I may have to switch to another tutorial or document.

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