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iPod Touch, New Nano, iTunes Wifi

Following on the heels of the iPhone, Apple has released the iPod Touch - essentially an iPhone without the phone. What are we dealing with here?

I had long wished Apple would design something like the Nokia Internet Tablet, which runs Linux and uses a stylus interface. iPhone embodies that idea and adds a GSM phone. iPod Touch is more along the lines of the Internet Tablet itself, sporting a WiFi Internet connection and the Safari web browser, and even the YouTube app.

I'm seriously conflicted about whether to get the iPod Touch, requiring me to be tethered to WiFi (I'm a bit more mobile than WiFi allows sometimes) or whether to wait until my existing mobile contract runs out so I can get the iPhone without the ETF kicking in. One technical factor that may come into play is that I haven't seen any evidence of email capability on the iPod Touch, although I'm sure hackers will be working on app portability before too long.

One other thing I haven't seen is whether or not the WiFi connection could allow iPhone and iPod Touch to play AirTunes, or to access shared iTunes libraries when you're on your home network.

Along with all this, the Nano has gotten a nice bump - it can now play video and sports the new interface as well.

Considering the $200 US price drop within two months on the iPhone, I'm glad I took the wait and see approach thus far.

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