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Finally Confirmed: Apple iPhone and iTV

Well, we knew about iTV from its previous announcement, but we didn't know much more than that it exists. Now we know that it can be ordered today, it's shipping in February, and has a huge assortment of features which were demonstrated at today's MacWorld keynote.

iTV has its own hard drive, allowing for local caching of synced content from one computer, and it supports streaming from up to 5 computers. It interacts with the Apple Remote, and sports high quality wireless playback of your iTunes media in any room of your house!

Also announced is the iPhone, which will be released on Cingular. The iPhone is far beyond what the rumor mill has made it out to be. This device has only one button. The rest is a huge touch screen that supports Apple's patented multitouch gesture technology.

That's right, the iPhone is controlled by gestures and even movement of the device via an accelerometer. Running OSX, this thing looks really slick and could change the game in the mobile space. It plays all of your media, syncs all of your contacts and calendar events... it even runs Safari! The demo isn't done yet as I write this, but I would surmise that this has to have a pretty hefty price tag for what is essentially an Apple Internet Tablet with 3g and WiFi connectivity.

More updates will be forthcoming.

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