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Bluetooth headset with buit-in camera

With the shrinking size of digital camera technology, it should be possible to fit a tiny camera into a somewhat enlarged Bluetooth headset. Transfer of photographs off the device could be via Bluetooth file transfer or via USB (which can also charge the headset!).

While the design of headsets still fluctuates to accomodate battery power, quality, features, and comfort, an innovator might be able to get this idea in motion and while the first rev may not be the most comfortable thing to wear, the idea could be useful.

Imagine the camera being oriented forward toward whatever you're looking at while you wear the headset. One of the wrap-around type of headsets could be designed so that the fit on your ear will generally get the camera to point forward, so that a mere touch of a button would snap a quick picture. With no viewfinder (unless we extend the idea to a Bluetooth earpiece/eyeglasses hybrid, or maybe a display on the handset) it would not be great for stunning photography, but if you see something happening and just want to grab a rough snapshot this should be great.

Seems like a difficult concept to get working, but possibly worthwhile.

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