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UltraVNC Part 2

The problem I had earlier was resolved- I had accidentally checked  the box that auto-rejects connections without somene at the console giving their approval.  That's the kind of thing that happens when I am working too close to a mealtime.

UltraVNC Java client, as I wrote before, is pretty flexible, althoutgh it appears I can't do any scaling on the client side. Scaling happens on the server side. Perhaps the binary version of UltraVNC allows this scaling.... but remember the point of this exercise is to avoid having to enter a Windows VM for my daily work.

Cool feature: UltraVNC clipboard. Executing a copy or cut operation on the server side allows me access to that text von the client side! Very cool, very useful.
 Of course, it works in reverse as well.

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Stargate SG-1 Not Renewed by SciFi

The week after the 200th epispode airs, and  we get this notice.
SciFi is cancelling SG-1 after its 10th season ends in 2007. Word has it that the last few episodes aren't completely nailed down yet, so the producers can work up a nice ending while Atlantis continues on SciFi.

Also, according to discussions online, the producers are looking to continue SG-1 in some form, perhaps a movie or as a show on another network. 

I suppose it's better to go out while you're doing well. SG-1 has been going pretty strong, after faltering somewhat (IMO) in the last couple seasons, the new cast
members are doing a great job evening things out and I hope for a very strong finish.

Thank you, Stargate SG-1 for a very entertaining, thought-provoking show.

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UltraVNC Java client

I know I haven't checked in ifor some time, but things have been busy around here.  I  Today I am thrilling over UltraVNC. I have a few hiccups in my configuration on the server side (user error... I am not perfect) but overall the experience is great.

Installation on the Windows platform for the server is simple and fast, with options for encryption plugins and even Windows login for file transfer purposes.  That's right, you can transfer files from server to viewer and vice versa right in the VNC client.

The other nice part of UltraVNC is the Java client. Normally, it's serverd right from the server machine as an applet (use http to hit mymachine:5800 buy default) due to the Java Sandbox security, meaning you need a direct HTTP connection to your desktop machine. This may not be allowed by corporate firewalls and the such, but it's possible to extract the JAR file directly and then run it from the command line... putting this client on a USB pocket drive or your iPod means you can connect from any platform with a JVM. I am logged in right from my Mac OSX machine where before I was using VirtualPC. Although there are native clients for OSX, there is not currently an UltraVNC build for OSX so you'll be missing out on the extras. Java fills this gap nicely and I'm pleased to say the performance is good.

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