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Get a Mac Campaign Launched

Apple has launched their latest ad campaign, a strong followup to the Switch campaign called "Get a Mac". In it, they are giving away free Macintosh computers to the first 500 people to enter each of their retail stores on a certain unannounced date, thereby inducing thousands of people to "Get a Mac".

Just kidding!

The real Get a Mac campaign is summed up in the Get a Mac section of the Apple web site. Basically we get two numbered lists: Reasons to get a Mac, and a list of debunked urban myths about Mac vs. PC performance.

And the real gem is the page allowing you to watch the new series of TV ads, even in HD if you like. These ads are every bit as bold, humorous, and entertaining as the Switch ads we saw a couple of years ago.

As the Intel transition continues, and we head toward the WWDC where we'll get a preview of Leopard, they are really pushing for increased sales. Will we see it? Will we see what Jobs was talking about on the earnings call when he said the new products in the pipeline were the best he's ever seen?

All I know is that technology in general is always getting more and  more interesting. ABC is offering free streaming of some of the same programming that's available on iTunes for a small price, but the ABC streams have advertising embedded. Free viewing, have unskippable ads; pay viewing, have an archived ad-free version for your iPod.

Meanwhile, we see patents from Apple for multiple-touch point touchscreens, or LCDs that double as cameras. So, what is in the pipeline? Touchscreen video iPods, Macs with LCD screens doubling as an iSight camera, tablet Mac (with multiple touchpoint sensitivity!)... or are they just following the trend of patenting technology for a rainy day.

Many dynamics are coming into play, thus ensuring nobody can sit on their butts and get lazy about producing good offerings.

By the way, it's still possible to get a free Mac Mini from Gratis Internet, so while Apple isn't giving away 500 Macs per retail store, you can still get a Mac sent to you for just completing an offer and referring a few friends.

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