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Apple's 30th Anniversary Approaches: Top 10 Guesses

We're just about two weeks away from April 1st, which this year is the 30th anniversary of Apple Computer. Knowing that Apple loves using auspicious occasions like anniversaries to launch new and exciting products, what might we encounter this year?

Since April 1st is a Saturday, it may be that they will make an announcement on the Friday before, or the Monday after.

Top 10 Guesses

Here are my top ten guesses, which are just that - guesses - and are in no particular order. Some of these are completely off the wall, yet almost plausible (a crucial ingredient in urban legends):

  1. Intel-based iBook
  2. "Asteroid" is released and we discover what it really is
  3. iTunes Movie downloads
  4. Video iPod with touchscreen interface
  5. Apple Tablet or PDA
  6. iPhone
  7. Wireless iPod
  8. FrontRow enhanced and packaged for separate purchase
  9. Apple buys EyeTV/elgato
  10. MacTV - Large LCD TV with Mac built in

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