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Will VMWare Release a Free Virtual Server Product?

CNet reports that they expect VMWare to release the GSX Server product
as a free download.

The article is full of speculation, but as VMWare has released a
"player" for freely distributable virtual machines recently, and as
competition appears to be heating up with Microsoft's Virtual Server and
with Xen being incorporated into Red Hat and Suse Linux, the idea seems
at least plausible.

I know the allure of virtualization is quite compelling, particularly
with Intel's up and coming Vanderpool technology which incorporates
virtualization into the CPU architecture. Soon, VMs can be swapped
around at the hardware level, with special protection and performance
advantages over running in a host operating system.

I'll be keeping a close eye on this for any possible developments; CNet
seems to think it could happen as soon as Monday.

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