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The iGo Power Adapter

Today over lunch hour I visited the local Radio Shack to exchange my iGo Wallpower 6500. The Radio Shack staffer, whom I believe was a manager at that store, was very accomodating, exchanging the unit without giving me any hassle. The previous unit, I had for just a couple of months before it ceased putting out current to my iBook and began instead emitting a high-pitched whine that sounded as though the thing could blow up at any second. Hopefully that was a fluke and this one will last for some time.

The Apple Adapter had such a thin wire that it got damaged very easily, and Apple adapters aren't cheap. Therefore, I decided to get a more robust solution. The iGo has a heaver, more solid construction. But the cool thing is the iTips, which are interchangable tips that adapt the unit to one of a whole slew of different mobile devices. Mobile phones, mp3 players, laptops, you name it, it's likely they have a tip for it. No need to worry about voltage settings- it's all built in to the tip itself, which is a large factor in my buying decision.

As if interchangable tips aren't enough, you can swap out the iGo power unit as well, from a wall unit to a car unit, to airplane use, etc.  I'll be sticking with the wall unit for now, because I don't tend to travel with my laptop.

I'm hoping this unit lasts... I will be sure to make note of it here if it doesn't!

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