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MSN ContentAds - JenSense Scoops New MSN Ad Publisher Network

JenSense, an authority in search engine marketing, scooped this one: MSN is going to launch a PPC publishing network. Through astute reading of the program for Microsoft's upcoming Mix06 event, she discovered that there will be an event in which the MSN ContentAds program is unveiled. Mix06 looks pretty appealing, being a supposed 72-hour (I wouldn't doubt that there will be a lot of caffeine consumed at such an event!) involving the web, operating systems, and more. In short, a MS-sponsored tech gab fest.

We don't have any details yet on what this ad program will be like, but I certainly hope that it will be differentiated from Google AdSense and Yahoo! Publisher Network. If it's any good at all, even a little, I expect to see most of the pro bloggers at least check it out for purposes of income diversification.

This will be one to watch- although some say it's late to the party, I have a feeling that MS is intentionally being fashionably late, waiting for the party to get going before even showing up. Perhaps the party hasn't even started yet. Competition is a good thing!

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