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Digital Hub: New iPod, Front Row, EyeTV

It's been a short time since the iPod with video was released, generating considerable buzz in the tech field and even in the mainstream media. It still appears that the matter has not crystalized for everyone- Steve Jobs released an iPod music player, NOT a video player device. The price points remain the same as with the older iPod, yet the storage space has increased and the physical dimensions have shrunk. Oh, and as a nice side feature, it can play video, a small amount of which is available for paid download via the iTunes music store.

This is not a video-centric device like your Tivo, if you have one.  This is Apple remaining strong in the music field, while dipping their toes into the pool of video content. The video market has not really emerged yet, so this seems prudent and the music player iPod is a great leverage point for Apple to begin influencing that market if and when it does take off... which it just might do, as we've seen 1 million videos downloaded in just twenty days.

What is to come?  Well, we have web sites popping up with links to video formatted for playback on the iPod, and most impressively, Elgato will be updating their EyeTV software with an iPod video export function. Imagine recording television to your Mac while you're out enjoying the world, and being able to view it on your iPod on the train ride to work, or on your lunch break.
Simply amazing- the digital hub is slowly but surely being glued together as we look on.

Witness also the  compelling simplicity of the iMac G5 and the FrontRow media center software. Now you can control all media- iPhoto, iTunes, iDVD with a 6-button remote!  While not as mature as Windows Media Center Edition, the simplicity of the interface (Apple's hallmark) and the fact that this is just a "getting the toes wet" release inspire one with optimism for the Mac media hub future.

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