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Videolan for streaming video

Well it's been a long time since I've posted. Work has been very busy as of late, but it looks like the worst of it is over for the time being.

Meantime, we're coming up on the 1-year anniversary of my owning the EyeTV from ElGato. I've enjoyed it immensely, as it allows Tivo-like PVR functionality on my Mac. In fact, the Studio Display that I use has better clarity than a typical television so I really have no problem watching TV on the Mac.

Until now, that is. Enter the couch! I recently bought an insanely comfortable reclining microfiber loveseat, which is placed in my living room, far away from my workstation, which sits in my office. Now I'm torn between EyeTV in the office, and comfy couch in the living room with digital cable.

This week I think I have come across the solution. VideoLan.org offers a streaming video software for Linux, Windoze, and OS/X. I should now be able to stream my EyeTV programs across the LAN to my living room, where an iBook should be able to s-video the content on to a regular television. As I don't yet have an s-video television, I am unable to test this portion, but I plan on setting up a stream for testing this afternoon.

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